Democrats Show Their Hypocrisy in Virginia

Democrats Show Their Hypocrisy in Virginia

Liberals love to find people guilty until proven innocent anytime a Republican faces accusations of inappropriate relationships. Well, they showed their hypocrisy this week when voting in one of their own to the Virginia State Senate.

Democrat Joe Morrissey beat Independent Waylin Ross with more than 64% of the vote on Tuesday. Why is this a big deal? In 2015, Morrissey, who was in the state legislature at the time, was put in jail for six months after pleading guilty to having sex with his 17-year-old secretary. How’s that for double standards?

Morrissey was allowed to continue serving in the state legislature while he was incarcerated. He ended up losing his law license in 2018 because of the incident.

The newly-elected Senator is currently married to the secretary he had a sexual relationship with and they have four children.

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