Democrats Show Their True Colors in Walkout Decision

Democrats Show Their True Colors in Walkout Decision

( – Republican state legislators in the state of Texas wanted to pass an election security law before the end of the spring session on May 30. After a long debate, the lawmakers were about to vote — until the Democrats walked out, denying the GOP the quorum they needed to pass the bill.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott was not happy when he learned of the Democrats’ stunt. He took to Twitter to let the lawmakers know that he was going to veto the section of the budget that provides pay for the legislature.

Abbott also said he’s going to call a special session to force a vote on the bill.

Progressives across the country were thrilled that the minority party was able to stop the law from being brought to the floor for a vote. Meanwhile, in the US Senate, the Left has been calling on the national party leadership to change the rules in order to stop Republicans from halting their efforts to pass legislation with a simple majority. They want to end the filibuster so that they only need 51 votes. Hello, hypocrisy!

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