Democrats Split in Tuesday Elections

Democrats Split in Tuesday Elections

( – There are many takeaways from Tuesday’s elections in Alabama, Texas, and Maine. However, none of them larger than the growing division in the Democratic Party between the far Left and Moderates.

The division is so great, it threatens both Biden’s chances of winning the presidency and the party taking the Senate from Republicans.

If Democrats are to win, they need to unite the Progressives and Moderates around a message they can both accept. At this point, it looks doubtful they can accomplish that objective.

Overall, moderate Democrats have been winning primary elections over far-left candidates, but it’s been close. In Texas, Air Force veteran and establishment-backed candidate MJ Hegar narrowly defeated a severely underfunded far-left insurgent candidate in a US Senate race.

The contest was contentious and bitter, and exposed the rift between the two sides, making it challenging to defeat a united Republican Party behind incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). 

In Maine, moderate Sara Gideon defeated two primary candidates to take on Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). She amassed a $20 million donation chest and has a chance to win if she maintains the support of Moderates and Conservatives in the state’s Democratic party.

Unfortunately for the moderate Democratic candidates, the far-Left has made significant inroads and has been able to hijack the candidacy of Joe Biden.

This will pose a threat to Democrats in November as the party splits over far-left issues such as police defunding, which is highly unpopular with the general election electorate.

If the party continues to fracture, it could cost Democrats the presidency, Senate, and House.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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