Democrats Successfully Defund Seattle Police (REPORT)

Democrats Successfully Defund Seattle Police

( – The Democratic Party’s efforts to defund the police are truly astonishing. Even after many cities experienced a summer full of riots and violence, the Left continued its crusade. And now it looks like they’ve been successful in Seattle, Washington.

On November 11, MyNorthwest reported Seattle City Council Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda revealed the 2021 budget and it’s not good. The police department could see its budget cut by 20%. Also, the council wants to reduce the force by 35 officers.

The decision to defund the police, after a part of Seattle was literally taken over by what some would describe to be anarchists over the summer, is truly mind-blowing. It’s bad enough their police chief, Carmen Best, resigned in August over mistreatment by Leftist politicians, now they’re continuing to target officers. It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from their irresponsible decisions. We can only hope the residents of the city remain safe.

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