Democrats Try to Destroy Electoral College

Democrats Try to Destroy Electoral College
Democrats Try to Destroy Electoral College

We’ve seen a lot of bull from the Left in recent months…
But this really takes the cake.
After months of fighting against every positive suggestion from the President, they’re now escalating their efforts to squash the Conservative vote. This time, Democrats are going after the Electoral College by proposing a constitutional amendment to abolish it completely.
Make no mistake: if this new motion passes, it will instantly remove equal representation in a long list of critical swing states and zones.
Here’s what we know.

Key Points

  • Sen. Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY) is spearheading the effort to disable the Electoral College’s influence. She’s working in partnership with  several key Democratic leaders, including Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Cali).
  • If it eventually passes (and let’s hope it doesn’t), the Electoral College will no longer be the final checkpoint in the presidential election. Instead, voting will come down to sheer popularity instead.
  • But wait…don’t we want majority voting? At first glance, it might seem more democratic to allow free voting based on popularity. But here’s the problem: not every state has equal representation without the Electoral College.
  • Highly-populated Left-leaning states, like California and New York, would instantly gain an advantage simply because they have more people. Republican states like Alabama, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming would instantly lose their Republican influence because they don’t have the population base to compete.
  • The entire reason the Electoral College exists is to ensure that states like these are equally represented in choosing who leads the entire country. America is built on giving states the power to choose. To abolish the EC would effectively segregate many smaller red states to virtual obscurity, rendering their votes obsolete or just plain pointless.
  • Further complicating the issue is the fact that different states have very different needs. Life in downtown San Francisco is very different than life in rural Texas; this, too, is another reason the EC exists.
  • Without the EC, densely populated cities become instantly able to manipulate the Presidential vote to serve their own needs. It gives them the power to essentially ignore the opinion of smaller states and the people who live within them.
  • To simplify, let’s look at the potential impact on actual Americans. Farmers and ranchers living in rural Montana would no longer have the expectation of being able to advocate for what they need.
  • Instead, hard-left socialist hipsters living in Seattle, who exist in greater numbers within cities like Portland, would instantly become “more important.” And their importance wouldn’t improve because they want what’s best for America, either; they would only grow in influence because there are more of them within a tiny, very specific area. How is this even an option?
  • Senate Democrats don’t see it that way. In fact, Dianne Fienstein even went as far as to turn the whole thing around in a press release. “Every four years, Californians are under-represented when they cast ballots for president of the United States because of the Electoral College,” it reads. “That’s simply not fair and needs to be fixed.”
  • Dick Durbin doubled down (and lived up to his name, if we’re being honest) by calling the EC a “relic from the past” and “shameful.” Like other Democratic leaders, he believes the only fair move is to move toward “one person, one vote.”
  • Even up-and-coming Presidential hopeful, Beto O’Rourke, agreed. “Let’s abolish the Electoral College,” he said. “If we get rid of the Electoral College, we’d get a little closer to one person, one vote.”
  • This should be terrifying to all of us who believe in the greater good, fairness, ethical representation, and an America where every state has a voice. The sheer fact that the Left feels this is a viable alternative illustrates how out of touch they are with most of America.

And here’s something else for you to think about:
How much of this is a direct attack on President Trump?
The more the Left restricts the Republican vote (even if they achieve it through unethical strategies), the less likely it is for President Trump to be re-elected in 2020.
They don’t care about your opinion or your needs. They only want to further their own agenda by weakening the rest of the country.
It’s a sad day when we care more about your opinion than half of the people who are supposed to be representing our country.