Democrats Walk Out After GOP Honors Openly Gay Republican

Democrats Walk Out After GOP Honors Openly Gay Republican

( – At the end of Pride Month, Republicans in California decided to take steps to honor one of their own. The state Senate held a special event for Ric Grenell, who once served as a member of former President Donald Trump’s team. However, not everyone was happy.

On June 26, California Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones (R) walked onto the chamber’s floor and praised Grenell for his public service. The conservative served as Trump’s ambassador to Germany, and then, in 2020, he took on the role of acting director of national intelligence. His role as the DNI made him the first openly gay presidential cabinet member.

During the ceremony, several Democratic lawmakers walked out of the chamber. State Senator Scott Wiener (D) was one of those who refused to give recognition to Grenell for Pride Month. After the event, he posted a blistering message on Twitter insulting the former DNI by calling him a “self-hating gay man” who supports positions that are decidedly anti-LGBTQ+. He went on to say that Grenell is not like other gay Republicans who are perfectly fine, “he is a particularly vile person.”

Grenell responded to the lawmaker’s insults by accusing him of being “an apologist for pedophilia [and] child abuse.” He also told the Democrat it’s his honor to be one of Wiener’s enemies.

After Grenell was recognized in the Senate, he held a press conference with Republican lawmakers. He called the Democratic Party “the gay left mafia” and accused them of not tolerating the opinions of other people. He went on to say that they walked out because they didn’t want to “be in the same room as someone who annihilates their world view.”

The event to honor Grenell came weeks after Republican lawmakers sat out a vote that declared June LGBTQ Pride Month. They objected to the Democratic lawmakers honoring drag queens dressed as nuns.

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