Democrats Warn Media Not to Attack Kamala

Democrats Warn Media Not to Attack Kamala

( – Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden finally made his choice for a vice-presidential running mate. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the first Black woman to be selected for the second-highest position in the land.

However, before the announcement was made, a group of influential Democratic women penned a letter warning the media they won’t tolerate any sexist or racist behavior.

Interestingly, celebrities who used inappropriate or disparaging language about President Trump are calling for respectful language for their candidates.

In descriptive detail, the letter attempts to intimidate and force the media to comply with their demands to help Biden and Harris defeat Trump in November.

In particular, they write they want to “share” their thoughts on how the media can help them. Not only do they not want the press to emphasize race or color, but they also don’t want them mentioning if the VP candidate is likable, electable, or use photos that make the female candidate look angry.

The letter is signed by notable Liberal women such as former Senior Advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and the current and former presidents of Planned Parenthood, a representative from pro-abortion group Emily’s List, and more. 

It’s a bold strategy for sure — and a hypocritical one. 

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