Dems Are Failing America

Dems Are Failing America

( – Can anyone really say America is better off than it was just a few short months ago? It’s a serious question as Democrats divided America along racial lines using identity politics. Countless energy jobs were lost, with who knows how many more in the foreseeable future. Regulations are tightening the economy, and threats of increased taxes could cause problems for workers and families. Do we even need to touch the exploding immigration crisis on the southern border?

It seems that more and more, Democrats are making problems that didn’t exist and are compounding the ones that did.

Democrats Are Reshaping America

It’s getting harder to get through a day without hearing about how Democrats are reshaping America. It’s not all for good. Cancel culture, racial equity, white privilege, and systematic racism are terms that most Americans hear but don’t fully understand. Yet, they feel the impact as the political left seizes the narratives that drive political discourse. In January, Biden even cloaked social justice under the guise of “equity.”

It’s clear Democrats don’t believe America is an exceptional nation because they use language that benefits them politically but harms America practically. Instead of improving upon America and fixing its problems, the far left hijacked the Democratic Party and wants to blow it up and rebuild the country in a new image.

The Economy of Failure for All

The Biden presidency is in its infancy, yet the new president is already killing thousands of energy jobs through executive orders in the name of the Green New Deal. There’s already talk of a $4 trillion infrastructure package that is really a Green New Deal liberal wishlist as the national debt soars under the weight of multi-trillion-dollar spending,

To pay for all the spending, Democrats are preparing a massive $4 trillion tax hike. They claim it’s pointed at big business and the wealthy. However, it’s always the middle class that gets hit the hardest as businesses pull back hiring and spending to pay taxes that are uncompetitive on the world stage.

All of this is happening while Biden is unleashing an immigration crisis in the middle of a pandemic. They’re adding more low-skilled people who take less money to work than Americans. No wonder they want to force a federal $15 minimum wage increase.

There’s no mistake what the Democrats are doing.

Democrats Are Retraining America Under Guise of COVID-19

Democrats are using COVID-19 as a tool to reshape and retrain how Americans think and behave. They are sneakily introducing universal government subsidies. Since March last year, Americans have received three direct payments. By itself, that’s not the problem or the threat as both parties tried to help people hurt due to governor-induced shutdowns that could set back America’s economy for a least a decade and leave people trapped in government dependency.

However, the direct payments were just the means for the left to condition America.

Why stop there?

The latest COVID-19 relief bill signed into law last week by President Biden included a new child tax credit. However, it’s not really more money. Now, instead of claiming it once a year on one’s tax returns, a family will temporarily receive $300 per child direct deposited each month into the family checking account. In the next bill, Democrats want to make it permanent.

It’s worth asking, what problems are the Democrats’ policies actually solving?

For decades, it’s been the aim of many Democrats to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. In the end, the result might not be good. While it seems politically smart to give the farm away, Democrats could ultimately fail America.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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