Dems Call US a “White Supremacy” Nation

Dems Call US a

( – Democrats are taking the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to the next level. They’re using race and identity politics to create a wedge issue in an attempt to force Americans to vote for their agenda. In a recently released video by the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, it claims from the founding of the country to today, the United States is a “white supremacy” nation. They tie together past voting issues with voter ID and opposition to mail-in voting to claim whites are trying to suppress the Black vote.

Voter ID laws are meant to protect the integrity of elections and eliminate voter fraud, not suppress votes. It’s a common refrain from Democrats that voter ID laws are a tool to keep minorities from voting for them. Regarding mail-in voting, concerns are already mounting that the practice is ripe for fraud.

If the integrity of elections is continuously challenged, it may undermine the ability of politicians to govern. There’s no stronger sacred trust where voters know their votes count properly and fairly.

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