Dems Clash in Liberal Stronghold Over Migrant Crisis Response

Dems Clash in Liberal Stronghold Over Migrant Crisis Response

( – Cracks are appearing in New York’s liberal political system after the state’s governor and New York City’s mayor clashed over illegal migrants. Mayor Eric Adams (D) wants more financial support to deal with the thousands of immigrants flooding into the city. Governor Kathy Hochul (D) thinks he’s had enough already. Both of them want the federal government to help — but so far, the Biden Administration has failed to do anything about securing the Southern Border.

Tensions between Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams boiled over last week as the pair publicly blasted each other’s responses to the flow of over 100,000 illegal immigrants into New York City. NYC officials are warning that so many arrivals have pushed the city into a humanitarian crisis, with insufficient shelter and funds available to support them.

On August 15, a law firm acting for Hochul wrote to NYC’s legal department accusing city officials of being too slow to ask for updated regulations and failing to keep the state government updated on what it’s doing. The letter also reminded the city of the $1.5 billion the state has provided to help with the crisis.

Two days later, the mayor hit back, saying illegal immigration is a state and national issue that’s been “unjustly dropped into the lap of New York City residents.” He pointed out that while his city is only 5% of New York’s landmass, “over 99 percent” of migrants to New York end up there. He called on Hochul to issue an executive order to stop localities outside the city from blocking migrant housing plans.

Since May, Adams has been trying to get permission to suspend a 1981 law that forces NYC to give shelter to anyone who asks for it. Under the law, the city can’t turn away migrants, and that’s acting as a magnet. Adams is running out of resources, just as Hochul is running out of patience.

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