Dem’s Document Dump Is a Farce

Dem’s Document Dump Is a Farce

After Democrats released thousands of pages of documents over the weekend, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, demanded that the hearing scheduled for Monday, Dec. 9th be delayed. This request was, of course, denied.

In an interview over the weekend, Collins said:

“This is not fair. There’s no way we could process these thousand documents. But better yet, the Democrats can’t process these documents because this is something that they’re looking to do and use tomorrow, but they’re not even read. This is a show. This is a farce.”

Collins claims that the Dems waited until the articles of impeachment were imminent to release the documents that are “partial, biased and curated to support” what the Democrats have been trying to do since Trump won the election, get him impeached.

The Senator also said that the documents, which claim to be “constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment,” are “partial, biased and curated to support accusations that have, to date, been thinner than cotton candy.”

Of course, Monday’s hearing was nothing but lies and speculation. How much longer will the Dems continue to waste taxpayer time and money?

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