Dems Don’t Blame COVID For Failing Economy…

Dems Don't Blame COVID For Failing Economy...

( – As the US economy enters its second month of destruction due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Democrats are playing a dangerous political game. Before the pandemic hit America’s shores, Dems did everything in their power to destroy President Trump and his chances at re-election in November. They even fulfilled their 2018 campaign promise to impeach him. Now, they put a bullseye on the president and are blaming him for the current economic collapse of the US.

For the last three years, the economy was the one thing Democrats couldn’t attack the president on. Trump often touted the growing record highs in the stock market and his efforts to stem unfair trade practices. Employment rates were so good that businesses had to increase wages to compete for workers to fill their vacant positions.

Now that the economy is all but shut down to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation is shedding jobs at all-time highs. We’re now likely in a recession. That’s why Democrats think they have found a winning message.

It’s all Donald J. Trump’s fault.

The question is… will the public buy their argument and let themselves be used as political pawns by Democrats? If nothing else, the Left has proven that they will not quit until Trump is destroyed. They’ll do this even if it means fairly, or unfairly, using a national crisis to fulfill their mission.

The Far-Left Is Driving a “Blame Trump” Message

Over the last week, far-left outside groups and super PACs have been driving home the “blame Trump” message. Priorities USA has been airing TV aids in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan attacking Trump over his response to COVID-19. Priorities USA Chairman, Guy Cecil, said the economy and health care are interconnected and are the central issues in 2020.

Over the past few days, former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden began airing commercials attacking the president. The ads tie Trump to the pandemic’s health effects alongside its economic devastation. The Biden campaign says voters will see more of the same messaging this summer and fall.

Other far-left groups are also planning political attacks on Trump. Win the West, a new pro-Biden super PAC, is preparing a $2.5 million digital ad campaign attacking Trump on his response to the virus. Democrats are stopping at nothing to try and pin the blame on the president.

Outrageous Hypocrisy By Democrats

While far-left groups and Biden attack Trump, they have offered no alternative solutions except to turn everything upside down. Less than six weeks ago, Democrats were labeling Trump a racist and xenophobe when he shut down travel from China and moved to make tighter entry restrictions on the southern border to protect Americans. Now, Democrats are silent.

For three years Democrats accused Trump of acting like a king or a dictator. Now, they accuse him of not taking enough control and want to know why he hasn’t shut down the national economy. Instead, Trump has left the power where it constitutionally belongs — with the states.

For the last year, the press has complained about the administration’s policy to cancel the daily press briefing with the press secretary. Now that Trump is transparently giving two-hour-long press conferences every day, some in the far-left media are saying his press conferences shouldn’t be aired on cable news channels. So much for wanting press conferences.

Democrats will eventually have to provide answers for their hypocrisy. Right now, they are playing a dangerous political game in the middle of an ever-evolving crisis. Before COVID-19, Trump and Republicans consistently held double-digit polling leads over Democrats on the economy.

They have to be concerned that Trump has a great shot at re-election when this over if people believe COVID-19 was not his fault. America needs a successful businessman to get the country out of a deep recession. That’s exactly the platform Trump ran on in 2016 and that’s exactly why he’s been so successful.

The Democrats’ only shot may be to plant the seed in voters’ minds that Trump is to blame for the recession. However, it may be a longshot strategy that ultimately hurts them more than helps them by playing politics during a pandemic. All of this proves that the 2020 presidential race is still going strong, even in the midst of one of the worst crises in US history.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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