Dems or COVID-19: Which Virus Is Worse?

Dems or COVID-19: Which Virus Is Worse?

( – The coronavirus pandemic has staggered America like nothing else in modern history, arguably including the 9/11 terrorist attacks that brought down the Twin Towers. The threat is real and extraordinary measures taken by local and federal governments are necessary. However, Liberals are using the crisis to push their Socialist/Communist agenda goal of totalitarianism.

Illegal Immigrants

The $2.2 trillion COVID-19 relief measure put into place late last month has a provision meant to help keep the small businesses of Americans afloat while most of the country is on virtual lockdown. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) recently signed an executive order allocating $50 million for enterprises that may not be eligible for federal loans, including those of the “undocumented immigrant communities.”

Another issue Progressive Liberals and the media that support them are griping about is the stimulus money set to go out to families. They want the people here illegally to get the $1,200 per adult, as well. It seems they fail to understand that the government exists to serve the needs of its citizens. While nobody wishes any harm to that community, it’s not D.C.’s role to support them.

Power Grabs

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signed an order of his own to allow “the state to redistribute ventilators and personal protective equipment.” It goes on to say “[t]he National Guard will be used to transport the ventilators and PPE across the state.” This has not gone over well in other areas of New York state.

Lawmakers from the Buffalo, NY, area are strongly opposed to this order. With a surge expected that’ll rapidly increase the number of people infected — and not incidentally, dying — what may be “unneeded” today could become vital to survival tomorrow. The feeling that the governor values the lives of citizens of New York City more than those in the rest of the state is understandable.

House of Representatives Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) decided to just be blunt about it. During a conference call with other House Democrats, he said: “this is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision [emphasis added].” Not what’s best for Americans, but best for the Progressive Liberal agenda.

Added to that, different states have escalated from stay-at-home advisories to maintain social distancing, to outright arrests of people who ignore the upgraded orders to lock oneself down at home. Examples of this include:

  • A California paddleboarder taken into custody for violating beach closure order
  • 15 mourners arrested at a funeral in New Jersey
  • Laredo, Texas issuing citations for failure to wear masks in public

There’s no intent here to say the country is slipping into a police state or anything even close to that. It’s to show the progression from suggestions, to shut down orders, to a ban on all gatherings including saying a final farewell to loved ones.

There’s no need to panic, nor a need to prepare for civil war. There is a need, however, to remain vigilant to make sure the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t count the American way of life as a victim.

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