Dems Politicize Trump’s Illness, Claim He’s Withholding Information

Dems Politicize Trump's Illness, Claim He's Withholding Information

( – On Monday, October 5, President Donald Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center where he was undergoing treatment for COVID-19. The White House doctor said the commander-in-chief is doing well at home. Of course, Democrats are now politicizing his illness, claiming he’s withholding information, and in one instance, said he’s not in his right mind.

Democratic leaders sent Chief of Staff Mark Meadows a letter on Tuesday. In it, they claim health information was “deliberately withheld in order to minimize public scrutiny.” After Trump ended stimulus negotiations, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) essentially accused him of ‘roid rage.

The way the Left is behaving isn’t surprising, but it’s disappointing elected officials would behave that way. The president is trying to recover from an illness that has killed thousands of people, and he’s doing it while running the greatest country in the world. Lawmakers should applaud him, not attack him.

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