Dems Push Back Against Border Wall

Dems Push Back Against Border Wall
Dems Push Back Against Border Wall

President Trump is threatening to shut down the government if Democrats don’t move out of the way and allow the border wall to proceed unhindered. The Left has been making a concentrated effort to block the wall for months now, with efforts ramping up significantly over recent weeks. As of Monday, December 17, those attempts reached a fevered pitch.
Is this just another Leftist attempt at sabotage?
Short answer: Probably.
Long answer: Let’s take a look at the facts.

  • Dems first attempted to block Trump’s border wall even before he stepped into office. During the 2016 campaign, they actively tried to defraud Americans by spinning the idea into something it wasn’t. Multiple leaders on the Left accused Trump of racism, being anti-immigrant, and even wishing harm on people from Central and South America. This, of course, isn’t true.
  • Now, the argument stands to affect the entire country, rather than just people in the House or in the Senate. Democrat leaders are staunchly refusing to pass a spending bill containing a $5 billion budget to build the wall over the next few years.
  • GOP leaders claim the border wall is critical to the safety of the U.S.A., a fact very much demonstrated by recent events along the border. Immigrants attempt to bum rush the crossing, often using violence or even holding children in front of them like shields, Border Patrol agents have been forced to step up responses and arrests.
  • Senior adviser, Stephen Miller, explained the refocus and why the wall is such a critical part of the spending bill in a recent press interview. “At stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country,” he stated. “The Democrat Party has a simple choice. They can either choose to fight for America’s working class or to promote illegal immigration. You can’t do both.”
  • Surely the Left could play along just this once, right? Yeah, absolutely not.
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., recently declared that Trump would not receive his wall, “in any form,” full stop. His reasoning? “President Trump should understand, there are not the votes for the wall in the House or the Senate.” Well, Mr. Schumer, perhaps if Democrats weren’t being so pigheaded about this issue, there would be more votes?
  • Schumer also engaged in a bit of typical Leftism, tossing out insults and insinuating the President was being childish. “And we should not let a temper tantrum, threats, push us in the direction of doing something that everybody, even our Republican colleagues, know is wrong.”
  • Yes, you read that right – Democrats think a President who cares about national security and the border is having a tantrum. And if he tries to push better rules and reform? Well, that’s just making threats. What has happened to our country?
  • Now, here’s the good news: Trump is playing the part of a true Patriot. While no one likes to face the idea of a shutdown, he’s perfectly willing to make it happen, if it needs to be the next step. The President recently told reporters he would be proud to force a government shutdown to get Congress to approve the spending bill if Democrats continue to cause problems.
  • But not everyone agrees with either side. In fact, some leaders – including Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), sit firmly on the fence. “There’s absolutely no excuse to shut down government on this issue or any other issue,” she insisted. “I hope [my proposal]  would be good enough for the president.”
  • Collins also encouraged both sides to work together. “There’s a compromise and people will come to the table in good faith on both sides. We have to prevent a government shutdown.” Too bad the Democrats don’t see that, too.