Dems Reject Their Own Immigration Bill

Dems Reject Their Own Immigration Bill
Dems Reject Their Own Immigration Bill

Another day, another Democratic stonewalling attempt. That’s exactly what seems to be happening every time Trump tries to be generous and work with the Left on immigration issues. Saturday, January 19th was no different; Democrats rejected yet another of the President’s attempts to compromise, widening the growing chasm and killing any hope of moving on in the days and weeks to come.
If Democrats had agreed, it would have almost instantly ended the shutdown… but that would be too easy. Getting the Left to agree to be sensible is like shooting fish in a barrel. An empty barrel that contains no fish!
But here’s what’s even more surprising; what Trump proposed in the new bill is identical to at least one bill put forth by Democrats themselves: the BRIDGE bill. Instead of working to compromise when they’re being given what they want, they are now rejecting their own bills just to try and prevent Trump from succeeding. Here’s what we know.

Key Facts

  • On Saturday, January 19, 2019, our President brought forth a brand-new bill. With 29 days of shutdown now behind us, and no sign of an end in the near future, something had to be done. So Trump took up the reigns and attempted to find a solution that would work for both parties.
  • The details inside the new bill are surprising: the same protections for young undocumented immigrants and refugees originally found in the Democratic BRIDGE bill proposed by the Left back in 2016.
  • The original BRIDGE bill stood to protect DREAMers and other vulnerable undocumented immigrants; yet, it still acknowledged the need for border security, especially around violent MS-13 gang members.
  • All Trump asked for in exchange? The same $5.7 billion needed all along to finally fund the wall. You would think Democrats would give this some thought, given that they were essentially getting what they wanted all along.
  • But that wasn’t good enough for the Left. Despite being handed a virtual political unicorn, and despite the fact that Trump clearly went out of his comfort zone to make it happen, nearly all have stated they will reject it.
  • While the bill will still go to a vote early next week, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and several other Democrats have already flatly refused to support it. It’s highly unlikely it will be approved now.
  • Pelosi also pointed the finger at Trump for delivering another “non-starter, while Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) suggested he was attempting to manipulate Democrats into agreeing to build the wall by giving as little as possible.
  • In fact, Democrats threw the idea out so fast that the Senate was in session for only two short hours, after which point they broke until the following Tuesday. It seems that no one on the Left wanted to even consider the offer.
  • However, there are signs that bipartisan support for ending the shutdown is growing. Both Democrats and Republicans are starting to become more vocal about the risks of pushing the shutdown on further and further without making any traction.
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) encouraged each side to drop the shutdown and start negotiating just recently. “If there is something of substance that comes with his wall request, [Democrats] are willing to listen. But you can’t keep the government shut down while we work on it,” she explained.
  • Murkowski also accused the White House of its own form of manipulation. “The White House figures that the real leverage that they have,” she pointed out, “is the fact that they’re holding the keys to this shutdown.” What, she surmised, would they do if they let go of that?
  • Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, is getting sick of the refusal to work together. “Everyone has made their point,” he said. “… now it’s time to make a law. I intend to move to this legislation this week.”
  • Despite the fact that Democrats once fought for tighter borders, and despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly offered to compromise, the Left continues to filibuster. They’re so embroiled in refusing every shred of Trump’s offered compromises or deals they’re now willing to reject their own bills.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of benefits recipients wonder how they’ll manage and eat after February. Millions of government workers have been placed in the position of wondering how they’ll survive without pay. It’s starting to seem like it’s the Democrats who really dislike immigrants, the poor, and the less fortunate after all, not Republicans.