Dems Scrambling to Close ObamaBidenGate

Dems Scrambling to Close ObamaBidenGate

( – Last weekend, former President Barack Obama injected himself into the Flynn case. He wrongly said that Flynn perjured himself and that there was no precedent for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) recommendation to dismiss Flynn’s case. However, he forgot to ask his former Attorney General if that was true before he stuck his foot in it. Now that information is flowing about what happened in early 2017, it seems that both Obama and his Vice President, Joe Biden, may have been in on the fix against Flynn.

Obama Says, “There Is No Precedent That Anybody Can Find”

In a private call with the Obama Alumni Association to point out the need to elect Biden, Obama let loose on the DOJ for its decision to dismiss the Flynn case last week. The former president said, “There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free” and said that the rule of law is at risk. However, both statements are inaccurate.

For one, Flynn wasn’t charged with perjury. He was framed and pressured by FBI investigators to admit to lying to FBI agents. While important, that’s not the most contentious part of what Obama said. It’s the “lack of precedent” statement that is very troubling. There are plenty of legal cases dismissed on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, due process, ethical requirements, or other concerns. Perhaps, Obama forgot to consult with his former attorney general before making such a serious claim?

In United States V Theodore F. Stevens on April 1, 2009, Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, wrote that the Stevens case should be dismissed on similar grounds as Flynn. The DOJ found that evidence was withheld from the defense and, in “totality of the circumstances,” he determined it was in the “interest of justice to dismiss the indictment.” Furthermore, he said that every case should be “handled fairly and consistent with its commitment to justice.”

ObamaBidenGate Widens

On Monday, President Trump said the DOJ’s dismissal of Flynn’s case was justified because President Obama targeted Flynn and called it the “biggest political crime in US history.” While the controversy swirls around Obama, it’s starting to put pressure on Biden. Documents unsealed by the court in the Flynn case show that Biden was present during a private conversation with former AG Sally Yates and former FBI Director James Comey about Flynn.

More information is slowly coming to light that reveals what Obama knew, when he knew it, and what he did or did not do to get the Russian hoax investigation started. Meanwhile, Biden is beginning to get more scrutiny for his role in the fiasco. The Russian hoax led to billions of dollars spent in the Mueller and Congressional investigations. Top Obama officials told Mueller and Congress that there was zero evidence of Russian collusion or election interference.

In an ABC interview on Tuesday morning, George Stephanopoulos asked Biden what he knew about the investigation. Biden initially denied having any knowledge of Flynn and said it was all a diversion. Stephanopoulos then reminded Biden he was in the Oval Office for the Obama, Yates, and Comey conversation. Biden then said he was aware “they” asked for an investigation.

Yet, that’s not what the report says. It states that Obama wanted to know if Flynn should have access to the White House as the incoming national security adviser. So, Biden was at the meeting, but didn’t know anything about the disturbing and most important conversation that was the precedence for launching the Russian hoax?

As the election heats up, expect to hear more about ObamaBidenGate. Over the days and weeks ahead, we will be learning a lot more about what Obama and Biden knew as key players in the Obama administration. The same administration that set traps to undermine the new Trump presidency.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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