Dems Want to Spend How Much MORE??

Dems Want to Spend How Much MORE??

( – It’s no secret that any Democrat would make for a poor accountant. They’re constantly advocating for more spending than needed to solve a problem and seem to have little issue with waste as our national deficit rises to record levels. However, the amount they’re asking for their next monumental stimulus bill takes the cake.

All parts of Congress were expecting the Phase 5 stimulus bill, now called the HEROES Act, to be expensive. But not $3 trillion expensive. That’s equal to the total price tag of all the passed stimulus bills to date!

Now, you might ask yourself, why this is being pinned on Democrats when the CARES Act allocated $2 trillion towards heavily-damaged sectors of the economy? It’s because House Democrats are still on “vacation,” yet they have the time to draft this massive bill in the shadows. Dems want to sidestep their opposition to excessive spending. There was little, if any, input from Republicans on this proposal.

Now, Congress as a whole has to sift through this 1,800+ page Liberal wish list — thankfully there’s a 90-page “summary” — of funding requests to ensure that what the House Dems are calling for is truly essential.

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