DeSantis Offering up to $5k Bonus for New Correctional Officers

DeSantis Offering up to $5k Bonus for New Correctional Officers

( – Florida’s correctional system is currently suffering from a major staff shortage. The inability to staff facilities has led to temporary closures of jails and work camps. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is hoping to put an end to those issues.

On Wednesday, November 17, DeSantis announced the state will offer bonuses to new correctional officers. According to a press release, the governor said now is the time to become an officer in the Florida prison system. All new correctional officers will be given a $3,000 new hire bonus. If a correction officer chooses to work at a high vacancy institution, they’ll receive an additional $1,000, and those who are certified correctional officers will get another $1,000. That means hires have the potential to receive up to $5,000.

The governor didn’t stop there. All current correctional officers will see a 16% wage increase, raising the starting salary to $38,750. They will also receive a one-time $1,500 bonus, and probation officers will receive a $3,000 bonus too.

DeSantis has spent the pandemic focused on jobs and helping Florida residents. While the rest of the country was locked down, the Sunshine State remained open for the most part. As a result, it’s been able to bounce back more quickly than other states. The governor is also fighting back against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. His strategy is paying off, now he just needs to fill the correctional officer positions and get that in order.

Anyone interested in becoming a Florida correctional officer can watch the official recruitment video or visit HERE to apply.

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