DeSantis Takes Victory Lap After Lockdown Democrats Vacation in Florida

DeSantis Takes Victory Lap After Lockdown Democrats Vacation in Florida

( – Drawing contrasts is a normal part of the political and electoral process. Campaign strategists spend considerable time researching the strengths and weaknesses of their political opponents in contrast to their candidates. Political campaigns use the information to build up their candidate while minimizing the opponent with voters. As Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis heads into his re-election campaign, Democrats may be making things easier for his re-election chances.

Over the New Year holiday weekend, far-left Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was videoed in Miami partying maskless with a large group of people as she hugged and failed to socially distance. Of course, that’s perfectly acceptable in Florida, where it may not be in liberal Democratic states like New York. AOC wasn’t the only lockdown Democrat in Florida. Gov. DeSantis welcomed the hypocrisy, which can only serve to help his re-election chances and the GOP nationwide in 2022.

DeSantis Has Fun With The Left

Since the fall of 2020, DeSantis has been at war with Democrats over his COVID-19 policies. In October 2020, he was the first governor to reopen a state fully. The Left and the media lambasted him as reckless and irresponsible. In the spring of 2021, he ended mask rules and worked with the state legislature to make it illegal for businesses to require a vaccine passport. Last summer, he and the legislature made local government vaccine and mask mandates illegal.

While the popular governor enjoyed goodwill with many Floridians over his push to return to normal, the very vocal Left relentlessly attacked the Republican governor as they continued to lock down and restrict citizens in Democratic strongholds. On Monday, January 3, DeSantis had some fun with Democrats after AOC decided to shake off the fearmongering and act normally in Florida.

DeSantis responded to a reporter’s question about AOC’s visit to Florida over the holiday weekend. The governor said if he had a dollar for every time a Democratic lockdown politician visited his state over the last few years, he’d be rich. He said it wasn’t just AOC enjoying the freedoms of Florida. Democratic members of Congress, governors, and mayors also enjoyed visiting the state as regular people, thanks to his belief in the US Constitution.

Gov. DeSantis Makes His Point

The Republican governor proudly stated that while everyone is welcome to visit Florida, it’s interesting to him that those who created draconian measures are some of the first to flee their states and enjoy normalcy in his.

While Democrats believe their problems with voters are limited to messaging, they might want to consider how any messaging they’ve created in the past, present, or future aligns with their actions.

Did AOC get the message?

Oh, she got it. Instead of acknowledging the obvious, the firebrand socialist said the criticism wasn’t because of hypocrisy. It was because Republicans want to date her and are sexually frustrated. No, seriously, that was her response.

Between overplaying their hand in 2021 and being completely out of touch with many Americans, Democrats may make the 2022 elections too easy for Republicans. DeSantis used this example to draw a stark contrast with Floridians. As he does, Republicans across the country may follow his lead to victory 11 months from now.

What Democratic folly awaits voters in 2022?

Stay tuned. It may be insightful and entertaining.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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