Despite Biden’s Moderate Claim, Top Progressives Eyeing Cabinet Positions

Despite Claim Biden's Moderate, Top Progressive's Eyeing Cabinet Positions

( – During the second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the former vice president said Trump was running against someone else. Trump claims that Biden is a far-left Democratic bought off by the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. However, Biden’s denial is in line with a long string of flip flops.

In July, Biden said he would go down as “the most progressive president in American history.” You can see him say it in his own words below. While Biden now says he’s not that guy, far-left politicians are lining up to accept key cabinet positions.

Prominent Far-Left Democrats Get in Line for Consideration

It’s not uncommon for presidential candidates to hint at who might make up their cabinet ahead of an election. Many times, the leaks to the press are designed to give free media attention to excite voter bases. While the far left is going to love these selections, it could fly in the face of Biden’s promises of being a moderate in the general election.

It makes one wonder, who is Joe Biden? A far lefty or a moderate compromiser?

Elizabeth Warren

According to Politico, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is under strong consideration to serve as Treasury Secretary. If that happens, it could spark fears in the stock market and financial industry. The Senator has embraced her history of being anti-finance and banking and proudly pushed for harsh regulations on the industry that could cost consumers significant money through higher interest rates and fees.

Additionally, Warren has been extremely vocal about taxing the rich and breaking up family wealth. She also supports breaking up big tech monopolies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

If nominated, Warren’s hearings could set up a battle between the party’s left and its moderate wing as well as business groups and Wall Street. The Treasury Department is tasked with guiding the US economy out of the COVID-19-induced deep recession.

Bernie Sanders

Perhaps the highest-profile and most controversial pick for the cabinet would be Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). An admitted firebrand socialist, Sanders quietly expressed interest in serving as Labor Secretary. Vermont’s senator has advocated and fought for a $15 minimum wage that could crush small businesses, especially in states with lower cost of living standards that can’t support a wage that high.

Sanders is also pushing for trillions of dollars in federal programs that include free college, school loan debt elimination, free childcare, and Medicare for All.

Biden Labeled a Puppet for the Far Left

Over the closing weeks of the campaign, President Trump labeled Biden a puppet of the far left, devoid of any original ideas.

Will voters care, at this point, who could make up a potential Biden cabinet? It depends on whether voters advocate one way or another for economic positions. The other issue concerns Biden’s credibility: Is he moderate or progressive?

It depends on the audience.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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