Did Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Lie to Congress?

Did Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Lie to Congress?

During sworn testimony in November’s impeachment hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch made an astounding claim. She believed that she was the victim of a smear campaign led by President Trump and his allies.

In May of 2019, Yovanovitch was recalled by Trump as Ambassador to Ukraine because she blocked a probe into Joe and Hunter Biden over their potential corruption and, specifically, for bad-mouthing the president.

During her impeachment hearing testimony, Yovanovitch claimed that multiple people lied about her. She claimed she never provided a list to Ukranian Special Prosecutor Lutsenko of Ukrainians suspected of being corrupt but that she did not want them prosecuted. Here’s the list of people Yovanovitch claims have lied about her.

  • President Trump
  • Rudy Guiliani (Trump’s lawyer)
  • Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (Guiliani’s associates)
  • Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukrainian Prosecutor-General

She specifically called the allegation a “fabrication.”

Yovanovitch’s testimony is one of the key pieces to the Democrat’s rush to impeachment. House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) falsely stated during his five-minute statement that firing an Ambassador is an impeachable offense.

Lutsenko Claims to Have Proof Yovanovitch Lied to Congress

In an explosive interview with One America News, Lutsenko accused Yovanovitch of lying to Congress. She also had a “do not prosecute” list in hopes of protecting specific people from allegations of corruption. Furthermore, he alleges that Yovanovitch attempted to hinder his investigation and that she “blocked” US officials from working with Ukranian prosecutors as they sought out corruption.

As proof, Lutsenko provided a letter sent to Yovanovitch requesting the “cooperation in (an) investigation against the criminal organization of Yanukovych and regarding (the) possible investment in the US-based mutual (funds) and other funds for the purpose of money laundering.”

Lutsenko stated in the interview:

“So she (has) been under oath, she declare (declared) in the Congress that I never sent any information. This is (the) official letter about (the) topic I wanted to discuss in (with) the U.S. and Yovanovitch blocked me. She never answered me after this request and she lied in Congress. This is the evidence.”

If Yovanivitch lied to Congress, that would put her entire testimony in serious question and will make the impeachment attempt by Democrats appear to be more of a witch hunt than it already is. The final vote for impeachment may happen next week and it’s expected to be along party lines. No Republicans have said they will vote for it.

Yovanovitch Not an Impartial Diplomat

Prior to being recalled, Yovanavitch had spoken unpleasantly about Trump while also working for him.

Last year in a letter to the State Department, former House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) expressed concerns about Yovanovitch and that he had proof she expressed her “disdain” for the Trump administration and Trump’s foreign policy positions.

During her live testimony, Trump tweeted that she was hurting foreign policy with the new Ukranian president who won his election on a platform of rooting out corruption and that he had the right to recall her.

In an interview, Trump said, “She said bad things about me. She wouldn’t defend me. And I have the right to change an ambassador… There are a lot of things that she did that I didn’t like.”

Yovanovitch served previously under presidents George W. Bush and Obama as Ambassador to Armenia. She also served under Bush as Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and under Obama as Ambassador to Ukraine.

Seems Yovanovitch forgot that she “serves at the pleasure of the president” — the current president.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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