Did Biden Just Have a “Deplorables” Moment?

Did Biden Just Have a

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2016, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton committed one of the greatest political faux pas of all time. She said half of Donald Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.” Immediately, memes surfaced across the web. T-shirts were sold at Trump rallies, online, and in retail stores. The “Deplorables” took it as a badge of honor, and Clinton’s statement backfired on her.

Did Joe Biden just create another “Deplorables” scenario?

On Thursday, August 20, newly nominated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made an equally outlandish statement during his virtual acceptance speech. It hasn’t garnered much attention, but it should.

Speaking in a darkened auditorium, the former vice president painted a dark picture of America devoid of hope and full of pain and loss. The former vice president promised to end the “darkness” of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

In a refrain not heard in American politics, while promising to be an ally of the “light,” Biden made a horrifying statement about nearly half of the country, implying conservatives and Trump supporters are the “darkness” of this world.

If you didn’t know better, you might believe the Democratic nominee was comparing America and our president to leaders of countries that did horrifying things. For example, he could have been talking about Russia’s Joseph Stalin in the 1950s.

Was Biden really saying that Trump has created an evil America that it’s full of evil people? That certainly seems to be the implication.

Light and Darkness / Good vs. Evil

Throughout history, light and darkness have been used as metaphors for good and evil. Biden clearly used the words to contrast his positions as 100% correct and Trump’s as 100% wrong. When using absolutes like darkness and light, that’s the desired outcome.

However, in Biden’s case, it’s much deeper than that. He genuinely believes that Trump is an inherently evil person. Thus, so must be those who support him. That second part may never be directly said publicly, but it’s impossible to separate one from the other. Biden has called Trump a racist, a homophobe, a liar, and a sexist.

There is an old saying that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Biden may have a short memory regarding his own deeds or, worse yet, he chose to subjectively define what is good and evil.

During Biden’s time as vice president, the Obama administration:

  • Manufactured and installed chain fencing, and created the policies that would separate kids from their families on the southern border who crossed into America illegally.
  • Deported more Hispanics than any other administration in recent history.
  • Provided military-grade weapons to drug cartels on the southern border.
  • Allowed gun violence to grow out of control in urban Democratic-led cities.
  • Initiated the fake Russian collusion hoax in January 2017 before Trump took office in order to sabotage his presidency. (For an in-depth analysis of what happened, check out my podcast.)

By Biden’s definition of evil, the question is: does he fit it?

Is the “Darkness” a “Deplorable” Moment?

While Biden’s statement isn’t as easy to brand, it may be just as damaging in the long-term. By calling Trump evil, the Democratic nominee is indirectly calling those who support him evil as well. After all, by voting for him, Trump supporters are empowering the president if he wins in November.

Being a “deplorable” has a certain ring to it. It’s easy to embrace as a badge of honor. However, being referred to as evil is something entirely different. It could be a moment that Biden comes to regret down the road if Trump supporters discern what Biden said about Trump and indirectly about them.

It could become a rallying cry that sparks even more enthusiasm for Trump not just among his base, but among those independents on the fence. They may begin to discover the patterns of behavior by Democrats that are epitomized in this one small section of Biden’s speech.

It was once said that it’s best to take the log out of your own eye before trying to take the speck out of another’s. Perhaps Joe Biden should take note.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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