Did the Military Tell Biden Climate Change Is America’s Greatest Threat?

Did the Military Tell Biden Climate Change Is America's Greatest Threat?

(UnitedVoice.com) – In politics, it can be hard to discern the difference when it comes to agendas versus facts. The blurring of lines is a regular mainstay of politicians looking for reasons to justify their policy goals. However, in the case of President Joe Biden, it’s precariously more challenging to know the difference between agenda and fact considering his past troubles with the truth.

On Wednesday, June 9, the president departed Washington, DC, for Europe. On the first leg of the trip, he plans to address global climate change. Biden landed in the United Kingdom and spoke before some military service members. He claimed that when he came into the vice presidency in 2009, the Pentagon warned him and former President Barack Obama that climate change was the “greatest threat” to US national security.

Biden’s History With the Truth and the Claim of the “Greatest” Threat

For nearly 50 years, Biden’s journey with the truth has been rife with exaggeration, mistruths, and plagiarism. He lied about his academic record and ripped off famous speeches as his own. The problem was so bad that it forced him out of the 1988 presidential election.

In the 2020 campaign, he said South African officials arrested him when he traveled to visit Nelson Mandela in the 1980s. That wasn’t true. Biden was never arrested.

He tried to steal former President Donald Trump’s America First message. Making matters even worse, last October, then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden grossly turned the truth upside down in the final presidential debate with Trump.

So, should anyone believe Biden when he says the military told him the “greatest” threat to America is climate change? Is it more exaggeration or lies to try to convince people to get on board with his radical environmental agenda?

Considering the foreign policy challenges America faces with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, climate change would not appear to be a likely candidate as the “greatest” threat. In retrospect, it’s somewhat funny. For four years, Democrats said that election integrity due to Russian interference was the biggest challenge confronting America. We don’t hear much about that anymore now that Trump is no longer in office. Agenda versus reality must be in the eye of the beholder.

Is Biden Confusing His Agenda With Military Threats?

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden often threatened the energy industry by discussing his desire to end America’s energy independence. He promised to eradicate fossil fuels and ban fracking. In his first days in office, Biden moved aggressively to execute his climate agenda. He revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit. Now the entire Keystone pipeline project has been canceled, at the probable cost of close to 50,000 jobs.

The truth is that Biden’s war on energy is much more destructive to our national security than climate change. The president is proving he’s willing to follow through on much of the Left’s climate agenda regardless of the consequences to America.

So, is Biden confusing his far-left agenda with the facts?

In 2015, the Pentagon did publish a report calling climate change “an urgent and growing threat.” However, it never rose to the level of Biden’s claim that climate change is America’s “greatest” threat and was some six years after the alleged warning he and Obama received in 2009.

No one will ever know if Biden’s telling the truth about what the Pentagon told him and former President Obama in 2009 unless a retired military leader speaks up. Unfortunately, America can’t take Biden at his word. He hasn’t earned that privilege, thanks to his terrible history with the truth.

President Biden might find it difficult to find support for his agenda in Congress outside of the far-left. It’s not without a good reason.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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