Digital Healthcare: Will This Be the New Norm In 2021?

Digital Healthcare: Will This Be the New Norm In 2021?

( – The last year has been filled to the brim with negativity. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have made everything incredibly difficult…except maybe accessing healthcare.

The use of telemedicine has exploded as Americans look for ways to meet their healthcare needs without exposing themselves and their families to the virus. Insurance providers are reporting massive increases in claims related to telehealth services. Experts believe the service is here to stay, but are unsure whether healthcare plans will continue to cover it.

According to Forbes, the companies that refuse to embrace it might be on their way out. In the meantime, others are looking at ways to expand telemedicine to reach even more people. For instance, ex-Uber executive Inna Plumb launched a company that pairs digital healthcare and EMTs to bring the care right into patients’ homes.

Americans are responding well to telemedicine, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in 2021. But, the real question is: will insurance companies jump on board too?

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