“Digital Soldiers” Take Oath of Office

(UnitedVoice.com) – Something interesting is happening on social media. Wednesday night, a wave of apparent “Digital Soldiers” posted their Oath of Office for the world to see. In a previous interview, General Michael Flynn made the announcement America had “an army of digital soldiers.” What he referred to as citizen journalists were taking the place of the mainstream media (MSM) after it failed to engage in accurate reporting.

It would seem obvious that “we the people” have felt under-represented by our leaders for quite some time now. But not all people are built the same. While it would seem the Left would tear our world apart, the Right has been enhancing their informational awareness from home.

The wave of those who publicly took the Oath of Office, which includes the words “support and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic” may indicate an information wave is brewing.

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