Disgraced Lawyer Michael Avenatti Facing 14 Years Behind Bars

Disgraced Lawyer Michael Avenatti Facing 14 Years Behind Bars

(UnitedVoice.com) – Michael Avenatti once represented adult film star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against then-President Donald Trump. The attorney became a popular face on mainstream media. He seemed to be on a new prime-time television show every evening, bashing the POTUS.

However, a short time later, the infamous attorney became a pariah after victims made public the schemes he hatched. Even Daniels ditched him and accused him of theft. Now, the disgraced lawyer is going to spend more time behind bars.

Off to Prison

On Monday, December 5, US District Judge James V. Selna sentenced Avenatti to 14 years in federal prison. In June, the former lawyer pleaded guilty to one count of setting out to defraud the IRS and four counts of wire fraud.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, Avenatti stole $7.6 million from four clients. He misappropriated funds destined for trust accounts sent to him as fiduciary for the clients. Then he lied to them about where the funds were.

One of the clients defrauded by the attorney was Geoffrey Johnson, a paraplegic. He reportedly lost function in the lower part of his body due to an incident with Los Angeles County. The country agreed to a $4-million settlement, but months later, Avenatti had spent all of the money on his own desires. Worse, he never told his client he’d won a settlement.

US Attorney Martin Estrada called Avenatti a “corrupt lawyer” who pretended he was fighting for those who desperately needed his help, but all he did was use his position to further his own “selfish interests.” He pointed out that the disgraced former lawyer used the money he stole to fund his fancy lifestyle, and as a result, he’s no longer allowed to practice law and is serving prison time.

In addition to the time in prison, he must pay more than $10 million in restitution to his former clients and to the IRS.

Already in Prison

Avenatti was already serving time behind bars on a prior conviction since February. A court sent him there after convicting him of a scheme to extort Nike. The legal pariah told the company they should pay him $25 million, or he would leak information that would make the sportswear company look bad. He’s serving 2.5 years for that crime.

A court also convicted the former lawyer of stealing $300,000 from Daniels. The money was part of an $800,000 advance the former adult actress received as part of a book advance.

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