Disturbing “No Resuscitation” Order Across the State


(UnitedVoice.com) – It may sound like a plot of a horror movie, but it’s the new reality in the face of the COVID-19. The New York State Department of Health issued new guidelines to EMTs and paramedics. If a patient they’re working on does not have a pulse, then do not resuscitate them.

Instead of doing what they’re trained to do, you know — save lives, they have to let someone die. Imagine being in their position, surrounded by a victim’s frantic family, and saying “no, sorry we’re not allowed to do CPR on them.” That’s several levels beyond gut-wrenching.

In New York City (NYC), medical first responders are already under orders that would add to the horror movie vibe. They’re not permitted to take the corpses to the hospital, and cold comfort that it is, they were told that if “…the body is in public view, the body can be left in the custody of the NYPD.”

While there truly is a scarcity of equipment and hospital bed space, a blanket order like this is something one might expect to see in the former-Soviet Union or one of the other Communist “workers’ paradises,” not the United States of America. Unfortunately, President Trump and the citizens of the country are left holding the bag for the failures to prepare by the Obama/GW Bush/Clinton administrations, possibly even further back than that.

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