DNC “Unity” Convention Exposes Denial Mentality


(UnitedVoice.com) – Democrats are in deep denial as they offered little in the way of solving serious problems facing America during the first night of the Democratic “Unity” Convention. The evening felt more like an infomercial designed to fool themselves into believing they are truly united.

There was no discussion of serious proposals to overcome the problems facing America. In fact, there wasn’t much said about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s fitness to be President of the United States. Nor was there much discussion about what was holding the party together other than their hatred for President Donald Trump.

Political conventions have evolved into opportunities for political parties and presidential candidates to present themselves to the entire nation and tell voters why they should vote for them. It’s a time when candidates define themselves and attempt to define their political opponents. Well, Democrats tried to define Trump in the same they have for nearly five years — by telling America they hate him. Yet, aside for a few kind words by former First Lady Michelle Obama, Biden was mostly left in the basement.

Denial, Denial, Denial

On Monday night, August 17, Democrats demonstrated how out of touch they are with the concerns of America. Instead of showing the country what they genuinely believe, Democrats once again tried to pass themselves off to the public as a bunch of moderates who are concerned about the soul of the country.

While claiming the convention was about unity, the only unifying force Democrats showed was their disdain for Trump. The question is: can they keep up the facade?

There is no question the far left and moderate wings of the party are developing a feeling of disdain for one another. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is due to speak, and many of her far-left colleagues intend to vote for Socialist Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). There is a deep divide over Medicare-for-all not being included in the DNC’s platform, too.

Perhaps the most egregious statement of the evening came from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). While Democrats love the governor, his account of COVID-19 may have been better delivered by someone else. In a shameless revision of the recent COVID-19 disaster in his state, Cuomo claimed that what he did in New York worked, implying that Trump was a failure in responding to COVID-19. Yet, it was Cuomo himself who signed an executive order requiring patients with COVID-19 to return to nursing homes. It’s estimated that 11,000 seniors died as a result of his order.

Denial of the Challenges in Democratic-led Cities

Despite the unity convention, some Democrats appear to be in denial of the critical issues facing America. On Sunday evening, August 16, in Portland, OR, a man was pulled from his truck, beaten viciously by rioters, and left unconscious. Not one word was spoken about the destructive riots in Democratic-led cities. Not one speaker told the rioters to cut it out or offered a single idea on how to stop the riots.

Not one word was spoken about the movement to defund the police. Nor did any of the presenters discuss the taxes Biden said he would raise on 80% of Americans, which would total at $4 trillion. There was no mention of his open border policy or amnesty proposal for 11 million illegal immigrants. There was no mention of how the former vice president would wipe out 10 million energy jobs in his pursuit of the Green New Deal.

On the night of Monday, August 17, unity looked good to those who love attacking Trump. Will it last? Is it enough to keep Democrats together? It depends on how real they get with the problems facing America and the solutions needed to fix them, and how they respond to criticism about their lack of attention to issues that matter to America. If they get serious about the problems, it could cause animosity and discord.

The next three nights ought to be very interesting.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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