Do Democrats Believe They Need to Destroy Democracy to Save It?

Do Democrats Believe They Need to Destroy Democracy to Save It?

( – In 2021, Democrats attempted to legislatively subvert America’s capitalist system through the failed Build Back Better semi-socialist agenda. The Left intended it to be a down payment on former President Barack Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America. And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). It’s frightening to think that almost the entire Democratic Party in Washington, DC, has moved to the extreme far-left.

As the 2022 midterm elections approach, voters are turning up the heat on Democrats as President Joe Biden’s approval rating collapses and polls say they prefer Republicans heading into 2022. In 2020, they didn’t sign up for this insanity. In the House, the GOP successfully retained every seat and flipped 16 Democratic ones in a year Republicans were supposed to get shellacked. When President Trump lost the White House, disgruntled Republican voters in Georgia didn’t show up to vote, and two Democrats flipped the US Senate.

Both the House and Senate are razor-thin majorities for the Left. Now that voters are turning on them, they can only hold power if they destroy democracy to save it, and they’re trying hard to do just that.

Democrats Want to Prevent Over 100 Incumbent Republicans From Running in 2022

For a year, the Left cried that the January 6 riot was an attack on democracy. Now, Democratic groups are working overtime to remove 120 incumbent Republicans from ballots this spring and fall in the name of democracy. George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley says it’s akin to burning books in the name of literacy.

Democrats need a distraction, and they believe January 6 provides it. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advisor and Democratic lawyer Marc Elias tweeted that Democrats needed to look into whether the Constitution disqualified Republican House Members from running for office. Nothing says “democracy” like stopping people from running for office instead of allowing voters to decide who represents them.

Elias wasn’t alone in his public relations campaign to tar Republicans. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) tried to get 23 of Trump’s lawyers disbarred for questioning the integrity of the 2020 election. In December 2020, Pascrell asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to refuse to seat 120 House Republicans who signed an amicus brief supporting Texas’ election lawsuit challenge in the US Supreme Court.

Pelosi fueled the movement before the January 6 riot even occurred. On December 11, the Speaker claimed Republicans were subverting the Constitution in a reckless assault on democracy that could erode public trust.

What Is the Rationale for Democrats?

If the 2021 Virginia and New Jersey elections are any indications, Democrats are in massive trouble heading into the 2022 midterm elections. They can’t defend their 2021 proposals or legislative record. Economists in their own party blame them for the massive inflation spike due to the runaway spending in 2021. Let’s not get into Democratic governor-led state shutdowns or lockdowns, or keeping kids out of school. Let’s not talk about how the Left is trying to hijack the educational system and cram CRT down our kids’ throats both overtly and subtly. Oh, they won’t want to talk about exploding crime in Democratic-led cities due to their lack of enforcement of the law, prosecutions, and defunding the police.

So, what do the Democrats do if their record is in shambles? They’ll cling on to the one thing they think gives them a chance — the claim that the riot on January 6, 2021, was an insurrection by Republicans. No, it wasn’t. The fact that law enforcement hasn’t charged a single individual with insurrection is telling. Federal officials accused most of trespassing or less serious crimes.

It Won’t Work

Democrats can’t allow voters to decide elections —if voters decide, it means they didn’t believe the Left and voters don’t trust them.

Democrats must think if they say “January 6” often enough, their problems with voters will go away. As long as voters care about the economy, inflation, debt, crime, and public education — no amount of screaming “January 6” will change many minds or save the Left from voters.

The Constitution demands more than heated rhetoric. It requires an actual insurrection or rebellion. A riot is neither in the rhetorical sense. Most Americans know and understand what happened that day, and they know the Democrats are playing politics.

Here’s the good news. Democrats can’t keep someone off the ballot over an accusation. Second, it takes a two-thirds vote to expel someone from Congress, and any disqualification can be challenged in the court.

Good luck with that.

While Democrats cry, the GOP ought to stay focused on the issues that matter to voters. If they do, democracy will win in 2022 regardless of the election outcome.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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