Do Police Have a Civic Duty to Protect All Citizens During Protests Even if it Escalates the Situation?

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a. Yes, Enforce All Laws
b. No, Freedom of Speech
c. Not if it Escalates
d. Only Major Crimes
The San Jose Police Department had a very difficult time keeping peace and order at a recent Donald Trump rally in San Jose, Ca. Here is brief recap of what happened to between Donald Trump supporters and Anti-Trump protesters.

The day after the Trump rally, the Chief of Police for San Jose P.D. gave a statement regarding the actions of his police officers and explained why after many assaults on innocent people, only 4 arrests were made.

Here’s what the San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo had to say about the Trump rally.

You can decide for yourself if he was blaming Donald Trump for the rioter’s behaviors.
Apparently there are Craigslist ads that offer offer paid positions to protest at Trump rallies.

Who do you think if funding these protesters at Trump rallies?
The bottom line is that people have a right to protest. It’s protected under the Freedom of Speech. But just because it’s a protected right, it does not grant anyone the right to behave in a violent manner.
Many feel that the inactions of the San Jose Police Department put law abiding citizen’s lives at risk.
What do you think? Should law abiding citizens who are showing support for any presidential candidate have the right to peacefully show support without fear of being harmed by opposing parties?
Last we checked, it was a democratic nation and rule of law governs us all. Tell us what you think. Does law enforcement have a civic duty to protecting its citizens? You decide.