Document Deems Dog Smarter Than Hunter Biden

Document Deems Dog Smarter Than Hunter

( – Hunter Biden’s business dealings are under increased scrutiny in Congress now that Republicans are in charge again. They are especially concerned about the possibility that President Joe Biden had some connection to his son’s business while he was serving as vice president during Barack Obama’s administration. In recent months, the GOP has asked questions about an FBI document that details allegations against the current president and his son. Now, a senator has released the document, and it’s not exactly kind to the younger Biden.

Allegations Made Public

On July 20, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the unclassified FD-1023 document that contained allegations against the Bidens. An FD-1023 is a form that FBI agents use to record unverified reports from confidential human sources (CHS). Investigators then decide whether the claims made by the sources warrant follow-up probes.

In the Bidens’ case, an FBI agent documented multiple conversations a CHS reportedly had with Burisma Chief Financial Officer Vadim Pojarskii. According to the source, the conversations started in 2015, when Hunter Biden was on the board of directors for the company.

During the conversation, the Burisma executive expressed a desire to buy a US-based company. The CHS inquired as to why Pojarskii needed help buying an American company when Hunter Biden was serving on the board. He allegedly responded by saying the then-vice president’s son wasn’t intelligent. At some point in the ensuing months, there were more conversations, including one about an investigation that Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin was reportedly carrying out on the oil and gas company.

Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky said he wasn’t worried about Shokin because the Bidens were allegedly going to make it go away. The FBI also claims the CEO said he paid one Biden $5 million and then paid another $5 million, presumably talking about Hunter and Joe Biden. At some point, Zlochevsky is reported to have said his dog was smarter than Hunter Biden.


White House spokesperson Ian Sams released a statement after Grassley published the form. He called it “remarkable” that Republican lawmakers are pushing “claims that have been debunked for years.” He went on to accuse the GOP of “playing shameless, dishonest politics” regardless of the truth.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin (D), the ranking member of the Oversight Committee, pointed out that the form isn’t proof of any wrongdoing.

Grassley has never said the allegations are true. Instead, he has pushed for a probe into them. He also wants to know what the Department of Justice, which was under the control of former Attorney General William Barr at the time, did to investigate when it was documented. He has vowed to get to the bottom of the matter.

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