DOD Giving Free Pass to Transgender Soldiers?

DOD Gives Free Pass to Transgender Soldiers

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently released his plan for the US military if he were elected president. The common theme is that he wants to rid the Armed Services of President Joe Biden’s woke agenda. Critics immediately latched onto the plan and accused him of bigotry and all of the usual complaints Liberals have. His concerns echo those of other Conservatives.

A new report highlights the president’s policies that DeSantis and others believe are getting in the way of the military’s priorities.

Shocking Memo

On July 19, the day after DeSantis released his military plan, Breitbart published a Department of Defense memo it recently obtained. Dated February 1, 2023, the notice was titled “Care of Service Members Who Identify As Transgender” and signed by Army Col. David Ross Zinnante. The purpose of the document was to establish uniform guidelines for transgender service members, emphasize communication with those responsible for unit readiness, and make sure trans members are cared for properly.

According to the memo, those who want to transition must participate in a diagnostic interview over approximately two days. Most of the transitioning service members will have to be on cross-sex hormone therapy for up to 300 days to ensure levels are stabilized. During that period of time, the military member “will remain in a temporary non-deployable status.”

Taxpayers would be on the hook for “upper” sex-change surgery, which could be performed at Fort Bragg’s Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina. However, soldiers could only request that surgery after 12 months of hormone therapy. Although the military covers the operation up top, surgery to the lower region is not, and neither is voice feminization surgery.

Skipping Deployments?

Congressman Josh Brecheen (R-OK) responded to the memo on Twitter, claiming the soldiers “will be allowed to skip deployments.” He went on to say that’s why House Republicans are working to prevent the government from “spending your taxpayer dollars on gender transition surgeries.”

However, the memo doesn’t state that the soldiers will be able to skip their deployments; it says they can delay them for a specific amount of time. That isn’t a new procedure for those undergoing a medical procedure or receiving treatment for a problem. The military allows service members to delay their deployments if they are not deemed medically fit. Those who are medically unfit for service because of a chronic illness can be discharged or receive medical retirement, but it doesn’t appear the memo creates that option for transgender service members.

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