Does Biden Admin Have a Transparency Problem After Terrorists Get Caught at the Border?

Does Biden Admin Have a Transparency Problem After Terrorists Get Caught at the Border?

( – It’s getting worrisome that the Biden administration still refuses to acknowledge there’s a crisis on the southern border. It’s the biggest foreign and domestic policy test of Biden’s young presidency and will likely define the remainder of his term. Like every other candidate, Biden promised in the 2020 presidential campaign to be transparent. By all accounts, he’s failing miserably.

While thousands of unaccompanied minors are locked up in what can only be described as a bubble prison, Texas is investigating allegations that children are being sexually abused and assaulted in detention facilities. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently caught two people entering the country off the terrorist watch list, and MS-13 gang members are also known to be among the unaccompanied minors. The crisis is suddenly leading to questions about the Biden administration’s transparency.

What’s the Biden Administration Hiding?

While Vice President Kamala Harris visits a Chicago bakery, the southern border is on fire. She’s supposed to be the point person handling the crisis that’s getting worse by the day. On Monday, the CBP was forced to take down a press release announcing two Yemenis on the terror watch list were arrested in two separate incidents after being caught trying to cross the border illegally.

On January 29, border officials found one suspect with a mobile phone SIM card inside his shoe. Three days later, they caught a second man. They verified the two men as potential terrorists through the FBI’s Terrorism Screening Center.

A spokesperson wrote it was “very uncommon” for border patrol to encounter terrorists at US borders in the since-deleted press release.

So, why delete the press release if the administration isn’t hiding anything and the occurrence is so rare?

Growing Concerns as Public Turns on Biden

In a recent AP/NORC poll, respondents’ approval of Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis is collapsing as 55% disapprove. As evidence mounts that terrorists and MS-13 gang members are infiltrating the country to take advantage of Biden’s failed immigration policies, it could risk the rest of the president’s agenda in Congress, and he’s only been in office 2-1/2 months.

The administration claims the CBP press release wasn’t “properly reviewed” and alleged that it contained information relevant to national security. Therefore, they scrubbed it from the website. National security is always an easy fallback excuse.

However, the GOP says the issue is really about transparency or the lack thereof after this new issue confronted the administration. The reality is that the public would never have known about the terrorists’ arrests if it weren’t for the now-redacted press release.

The questions confronting us are: Is Biden trying to hide what’s happening on the southern border as much as possible to deflect any political consequences? Second, doesn’t the public have a right to know what’s happening at the border?

It seems the Biden administration has a transparency problem — and that’s a problem for all of us.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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