Dog Helps Find Illegals [PLUS: USCG Finds Cocaine and Hilton’s Memorial Contribution]

Dog Helps Find Illegals [PLUS: USCG Finds Cocaine and Hilton's Memorial Contribution]

Drug-Sniffing Dog Helps Find Illegal Immigrants

A drug-sniffing dog deserves a treat after alerting border agents to 53 illegal immigrants who were discovered hiding inside of a tractor-trailer. The canine — which is trained to find narcotics and concealed humans — is stationed close to the Laredo/Mexico border.

The migrants in the tractor-trailer were from several countries including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador.

The temperature was a sweltering 105 degrees inside of the trailer, but after evaluation, it was determined that no one required any medical attention. Authorities arrested the stowaways along with the driver of the truck, who is a US citizen.

This arrest comes a few days after 31 illegal immigrants from Mexico were discovered — also by a canine — in another tractor-trailer en route to Amada, Arizona. They were between the ages of 15 and 40 years old.

Coast Guard Discovers 12,000 Pounds of Cocaine

The Coast Guard made headlines last week as they offloaded over $190 million worth of cocaine in Miami, Florida.

The drugs came from a variety of operations in international waters off the coast of Central and South America, Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

These operations enable us to extend our maritime borders, weaken the economic engine of Transnational Criminal Organizations, contribute to enhancing stability and security across our partner nations within Central America, and they combat the drug epidemic within our local communities.

-Cmdr. John Christensen, USCG

Four Marine boats were involved in intercepting the drugs: the Tahoma, Valiant, Seneca and Midgett cutters.

Barron Hilton’s Fortune

Barron Hilton, of Hilton Hotels, passed away on September 19th at the age of 91.

Barron’s father, Conrad Hilton, started the popular hotel chain, which Barron took over in 1966. Prior to that, he was in the Navy where he developed a love of planes, something that continued long after he left as evidenced by his large private collection.

He was also the founding owner of the Los Angeles Chargers and was influential in making the franchise popular.

The billionaire and philanthropist decided to leave 97% of his estate — a total of $3.4 billion — to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which has multiple programs. According to its website, the non-profit charity helps with disaster relief and recovery, foster youth, safe water, homelessness and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Upon his passing, his son Steven Hilton said:

My father was a loving husband to our mother, Marilyn, a wonderful role model to his eight children, a loyal and generous friend, visionary businessman, respected leader and a passionate sportsman. He lived a life of great adventure and exceptional accomplishment.

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