DOJ Official Faces Conflict of Interest in Trump Case

DOJ Official Faces Conflict of Interest in Trump Case

( – In May, President Joe Biden’s administration hired attorney Susan Hennessey to work in the DOJ’s National Security Division. Republicans objected because of her belief in the former President Donald Trump-Russia scandal. Recently, two conservatives once again raised concerns about the DOJ official.

On June 29, Republican Senators Ron Johnson (WI) and Chuck Grassley (IA) sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking about Hennessey. The lawmakers wanted to know what her role would be in Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russiagate scandal. They said she has shown a “clear partisan bias” against it in past remarks. The senators went on to discuss her support of both the Russia investigation into Trump and the debunked Steele Dossier.

Johnson and Grassley concluded their letter by demanding to know if Hennessey was playing a role in the Durham probe, if she has access to it or whether she has recused herself. They also want to know if the DOJ was aware of her “partisan statements” when they hired her.

If Hennessey is playing an active role in the probe, that’s concerning. She’s clearly partisan and could potentially interfere with the investigation. The lawmakers gave Garland until July 13 to answer their questions about her work in the DOJ.

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