DOJ Under Pressure From Liberal Groups Softens Stand to Protect Religious Schools

DOJ Under Pressure From Liberal Groups Soften Stand to Protect Religious Schools

( -The war to silence conservative religious Christian colleges and universities is heating up. In Oregon, 40 LGBTQ students are suing the federal government for providing funds to schools that promote and teach the Bible over the full acceptance of lifestyles the schools deem contrary to Scripture. It’s a classic case of religious Constitutional rights versus the far-left scheme to force religious people to embrace their agenda.

The case is Hunter v. US Department of Education. Initially, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said it would “vigorously” defend the schools’ funding in a court filing. However, the Left pushed back against the Biden administration, and the DOJ subsequently softened its language. The issue is concerning among Christians, who feel under attack by the Biden administration.

New Interpretation of Title IX at Stake

Part of Title IX is traditionally understood to protect women in schools from discrimination based on their gender. However, in January, President Biden signed an executive order to combat discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. The 40 students are pushing to end Title IX exemptions and force conservative Christian schools to comply with laws that contradict their stated beliefs or risk losing federal funding.

Currently, Title IX explicitly exempts religious organizations from compliance when their beliefs run contrary to anti-discrimination regulations. Under the Constitution, Christian schools can teach their firmly held Biblical beliefs freely without fear of government reprisal.

Freedom of Religion

Our founding fathers passed the US Constitution in 1787, and states ratified the Bill of Rights in 1791. The First Amendment enshrined freedom of religion as a cornerstone right. The purpose was to ensure the government did not involve itself in religious matters and to defend religious people from persecution for their beliefs. For hundreds of years, America protected people across the globe from religious persecution and genocide. Now, however, America is slowly undertaking its own form of government-sponsored religious persecution sponsored by the Progressive Left.

DOJ Changes Filings After Pressure From the Left

On Wednesday, June 9, the DOJ amended its filing with the court after facing pressure from the Left. It replaced the word “vigorously” in its defense of the religious exemption with “adequate.” It also removed wording that said the Christian schools and Department of Education shared the same objective “to uphold Religious Exemption as it is currently applied.”

The appeasement of the Left likely doesn’t change the government’s defense of the case. The DOJ is required to defend the law and regulations regardless of political agendas. The Title IX religious exemption is not unconstitutional, and the administration doesn’t have a choice. It must protect the school’s religious freedom and free speech without the worry of reprisal from the government.

Because the Biden administration is racing left on many issues, it’s hard to know what new challenges religious schools will face. For now, one can only hope the government knows its Constitutional responsibilities regardless of the Left’s political agenda.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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