DOJ Wants Appeals Court to Step In for Flynn

DOJ Wants Appeals Court to Step In for Flynn

( – With so many different politicians sticking their hand in the Russian cookie jar, why do only some get accused? Cases like Biden’s recorded collusion with Ukraine largely went untouched until recently. Yet, there’s evidence the Left has been interfering with processes like these in favor of their own people since at least 2016.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was originally charged with alleged Russian collusion in 2016. Throughout the case, it often seemed as if District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan had it out for Flynn. He not only refused to toss it when the Department of Justice moved to dismiss it, but also ignored what Attorney General William Barr described as a “perjury trap” laid by the FBI in an effort to hold him in contempt of court.

Early this week, the Department of Justice released a 45-page report stating that “…the court should have granted the government’s motion to dismiss.” They also declared it was wrong for Sullivan to try to force a contempt charge.

DOJ lawyers firmly argued for the executive branch to have full discretion in how they proceed with criminal cases. They also accused Judge Sullivan of standing in the way.

Barr and the DOJ are now asking an appeals court to force the issue. Contending that Judge Sullivan has no reason not to dismiss the case.

This entire case begs multiple questions as to why a member of the Trump Administration was targeted while hundreds of politicians are accused but never tried. More importantly, why was it not thrown out? There are multiple questions surrounding Sullivan’s relentless pursuit of a guilty verdict.

Could President Trump be correct in his accusations against the Obama Administration having a hand in this?

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