DOJ’s Decision on Portland Rioters May Help Capitol Protestors

DOJ's Decision On Portland Rioters May Help Capitol Protestors

( – In 2020, dozens of people were arrested for engaging in violent protests in Portland, Oregon. Some of them were charged with federal crimes. Nearly a year later, they’re starting to face justice and their sentences might help other protesters who were arrested during the Capitol Hill incident.

According to an April 14 Politico report, federal prosecutors are showing some of the Portland rioters leniency. DOJ prosecutors have allegedly reached deals with at least six people who were charged with crimes related to the riots. Those deals will reportedly allow them to all have a clean record if they complete community service and stay out of trouble for a set period of time.

The light sentences are leaving some wondering if the Capitol Hill protesters are going to be treated the same way. Politico reported that a number of experts believe the light sentences for the west coast rioters are the result of Joe Biden’s administration. The question is whether the new administration is going to treat all of the protesters fairly, or if the political persecution of the Right will continue.

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