Don Jr. Exposes the NY Times’ Tax Smears Against the President

Don Jr. Exposes the NY Times' Tax Smears Against the President

( – It was bound to happen. Someone leaked copies of Donald Trump’s tax returns to The New York Times, and now the mainstream media is whipping itself up into a frenzy. So what did we learn from them? As it turns out, very little.

For example, The New York Times readily conceded in their Sept. 27 article the fact that Trump received no financial considerations from Russian sources. But then again, the president’s been telling us that all along.

Next, we learned Trump has a great team of accountants working for him. Or did we? You might recall failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton mocking Trump for not paying taxes during one of the 2016 presidential debates. And his response? — “That makes me smart.”

The president has never hidden his ability to use existing tax laws to his advantage. Who wouldn’t, given the opportunity?

Don Jr. Destroys Any Remaining Shards of Relevance of the NY Times’ Smear

The president’s oldest son, Donald Jr., dismissed the New York Times report offering a three-part analysis during an appearance on Fox and Friends.

First, as Don Jr. emphatically stated, his father paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes over the years, and there’s nothing wrong with getting breaks for depreciation or historic tax credits.

Second, the Trump Organization pays various taxes not reflected in the documents obtained by The New York Times, including payroll taxes, property taxes, real estate taxes, and other similar tariffs.

Third, one cannot dismiss the timing of this so-called “expose.” The New York Times just happened to publish the article two days before the first presidential debate? As Donald Jr. noted, it’s part and parcel for the media to promote debunked stories as part of an effort to undermine his father’s presidency.

Too bad the mainstream media won’t focus the same level of attention on Hunter Biden’s tax returns and other issues surrounding “the Biden Crime Family” as it does on President Trump.

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