Donald Trump Claims There’s Still Time Despite American Dream Being Torn to Shreds

Donald Trump Claims There's Still Time Despite American Dream Being Torn to Shreds

Trump Reports DISASTER – “Torn To Shreds…”

( – Over the last 18 months, America has experienced one dramatic event after another under the leadership of President Joe Biden. Rising crime, spiraling inflation, the unstable economy, embattled oil and gas production capabilities, and our country’s diminishing influence in global affairs have all negatively impacted the nation. On Tuesday, July 26, former President Donald Trump confronted America’s challenges in a speech in Washington, DC.

The America First Policy Institute featured the former president in what some describe as a reunion of sorts. Trump appeared more like a candidate preparing for a revival tour, and attendees greeted him with cheers of “four more years!” The businessman-turned-politician detailed the challenges confronting the nation. Yet, he said there’s time to stop the Democrats from tearing apart the American Dream.

Trump Lays Out Campaign-Themed Agenda

When a candidate announces a run for office, Americans want to know two things:

  1. What problems does the candidate intend to solve?
  2. How will he solve them?

Well, America has a lot of problems that didn’t exist in December 2020, and Americans are responding in kind to the failures of President Joe Biden. On July 28, the RealClearPolitics average of polls showed his approval rating is a horrendous 37.8%, and 56.5% of voters disapprove of him. Worse still for the current office-holder, the media isn’t harassing him daily or promoting false allegations he colluded with a foreign power, etc. Yet, there’s a growing sentiment that Biden may have problems if Republicans take back Congress and investigate his family business.

Nonetheless, Trump claimed Biden was destroying our nation and charged him with tearing apart the American dream through his far-left policies. The former president said if voters don’t correct the mistake of putting Democrats in power, the economic, social, and civil decay will destroy the country. Part 1 of his plan is to return Congress to GOP control and reject the Left’s agenda under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Trump insisted America must vote in November to rescue our country’s future.

Saving the American Dream

Trump said the GOP must move swiftly to revive the economy, reclaim energy independence, and revive America’s international standing. He noted the core agenda is:

  • Clean up our streets
  • End violent crimes
  • Restore respect for police
  • Stop Biden’s open borders policy
  • Prohibit illegal drugs from flowing in
  • Restore Law and Order

The former commander-in-chief shared he genuinely believed voters would reject the party overseeing the country’s decline and demoralization. The Gateway Pundit provided key excerpts from his speech, including his conclusion in which he said if the GOP comes together, they could create a “future of renewal, revival, recovery, resurgence, and in the end, a nation that is more exceptional than ever before.”

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