Donald Trump, Jr. Starting “The Second Amendment Task Force” for Gun Rights

Donald Trump, Jr. Starting

Trump Jr Births Operative “Force” – It’s Getting Real

( – The National Rifle Association (NRA) has long been the most powerful gun rights organization in the country. Yet, after prolonged attacks by the Left and poor leadership, its influence has declined significantly. Donald Trump, Jr. is now taking the baton and fighting for Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son recently told Fox News Digital he’s launching the Second Amendment Task Force. Don Jr. explained the 2A is the “whole ballgame,” it’s the constitutional right that protects all of the others. Like the NRA before it, the new organization’s mission is “ensuring the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens.”

Don Jr. spoke to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson about his new organization, calling it a “rapid response network.”

The Second Amendment Task Force, the first that Don Jr has launched, will become involved in the midterm elections in the fall. Specifically, the group plans to register people to vote, hopefully boosting voter turnout. The new organization will also fight back against President Joe Biden’s anti-Second Amendment nominees and push to kill any bill that seeks to infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights. The former president’s son plans to use his large social media following to garner support.

Will you support Don Jr.’s new pro-Second Amendment group?

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