Donald Trump Responds to Being Targeted by the Radical Left

Donald Trump Responds to Being Targeted by the Radical Left

( – On Tuesday, May 18, the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her agency is launching a criminal investigation against the Trump Organization along with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The Manhattan probe was launched in 2019, but it was civil, not criminal. Former President Donald Trump has now responded to the announcement.

Trump released a statement saying the investigation by the NY AG is “corrupt” and she’s just searching for a crime. He pointed out that James campaigned on the promise that she was going to prosecute him before she ever knew anything about him. He ran through a list of statements she made in the past that demonstrate that. And while the prosecutors in the state look for reasons to prosecute him, “shootings are up 97%, murders are up 45%, a rate not seen in 40 years, drugs and criminals are pouring into our Country” and people are fleeing NY.

He said the Left is trying to cancel the MAGA movement, calling the entire investigation a “very sad and dangerous tale” for America but said he will overcome it.

The Left has been going after Trump for years and every time they think they’ll be able to finish him off, he defeats them. New York’s investigation is just another example of how widespread Trump Derangement Syndrome is these days.

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