Don't Get Burned – Best & Worst Return Policies at Major Retailers

Retail Stores with Best Return Policies
Retail Stores with Best Return Policies

Americans love to shop and we love stuff that does what it’s advertised to do. When we’re not feeling it, a good return policy keeps the buyer’s remorse to a minimum and keeps us shopping with confidence. If you’re gonna spend your hard earned cash be sure to take a look the the best and worst return policies at the following major retailers…
They have been known to take back any item at any time, receipt or no receipt. There’s no return counter: simply approach any sales associate. For Nordstrom’s return policy, click here.
Note: Do not confuse this with Nordstrom Rack which has a different policy, here.
L.L. Bean
The company says its products are “Guaranteed to Last” and will take back items at any time for any reason. However, be aware you will pay a $6.50 return shipping fee unless you are an L.L. Bean Visa cardholder. Check out the LL Bean return policy, here.
It promises easy returns, and the gift return policy posted online says you can return merchandise at any time to the store. For Macy’s return policy, click here.
The company says it stands behind its products 100 percent. You can get a full refund on anything. For online purchases, the company provides UPS postage-paid labels. For the Costco return policy click here.
The shoe retailer gives you 365 days to return unused products and will pay for the return shipping. For Zappos return policy, click here.
Honorable Mention
These companies have great return policies as well:
JC Penney – return policy
Staples – return policy
REI – return policy
Bed Bath & Beyond – return policy
Kohl’s – return policy
Worst Return Policies
Forever 21
Forever 21’s return policy is the worst of the retailers surveyed because it makes it harder for customers to get back their money once it’s spent. Check out Forever 21 return policy here.
Kmart allows just 30 days for customers to return items and does not accept returns made without a receipt. Customers making a return with a gift receipt can receive an exchange for store credit only. Check out Kmart return policy here.
Barnes & Noble
The window for returns allowed by Barnes & Noble is the shortest on our survey at just two weeks (14 days). Check out Barnes and Noble return policy here.
It does not allow returns without a receipt. For more on Sears return policy, click here.
These stores offer some of the best and worst return policies around. Understanding return policies can help save you time, money and a lot of grief when returning a product. No policy is the same and they vary. Keep this information in mind when buying high priced items for family and friends, especially during the holidays.