Doomsday Mom Smirks After Receiving Multiple Life Sentences

Doomsday Mom Smirks After Receiving Multiple Life Sentences

( – Mothers who kill their children are judged harshly by society, and for good reason. They are the person who is supposed to make sure those kids are cared for and loved. Lori Vallow Daybell is one of those horrific people who snuffed out her children’s lights. She will now serve the rest of her life in prison, and when she learned her fate, she smirked.

On July 31, a judge sentenced Vallow to five life sentences for the murders of her two children and Tammy Daybell, the deceased wife of Chad Daybell. She will serve three of those life sentences consecutively. In other words, she will never be a free woman again.

The day after the judge sentenced her, authorities booked her into the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center, located about 55 miles south of Idaho Falls. The facility is a high-security prison. She smirked when authorities took a new booking photo of her.

Vallow was found guilty of the murders in May. Her children were last seen in September 2019. After they went missing, she traveled to Hawaii with her boyfriend, Chad Daybell, and got married in a ceremony on the beach. Meanwhile, her family was panicking about the kids’ whereabouts back home. She was arrested after she failed to produce them when ordered to do so.

In June 2020, authorities in Idaho found the children’s remains in shallow graves at Chad’s home. Tammy Daybell was murdered as well. So was Charles Vallow, the defendant’s former husband. She will be tried for that killing in Arizona, where he died.

At the sentencing, Vallow rambled on about her religious beliefs and said she talked to the deceased victims. The loved ones of the dead also spoke out, including Vallow’s oldest son, Ryan. He said his kids won’t ever know “their uncle, their aunt, or grandfather” because of her. He said Tylee won’t ever have a career, children, or get married, and J.J. would never be able to spread his light.

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