DoorDash Driver Saves Toddler From Cold

DoorDash Driver Saves Toddler From Cold

( – Detroit’s 8 Mile road was made famous by the movie with the same name loosely based on the rapper Eminem’s life. The road is back in the news, but this time the reason has nothing to do with the multi-Grammy winner.

On January 9, DoorDash driver Robert Jackson III was driving along 8 Mile to make a delivery when he saw something. He told Fox 2 Detroit that as he got closer, he noticed the thing he saw was a toddler. The small child was only wearing socks and a diaper when he was found walking around in 38-degree weather.

Jackson said he wrapped the child in his coat and then placed him in his car. He said the little boy was shaking; both his lips and fingertips were purple. The delivery man said he just held the child while he warmed up. Emergency personnel took the child to the hospital where he was checked out and said he was doing okay.

According to authorities, the little boy lived less than a block away from where the DoorDash driver found him. His sibling, a 16-year-old, was babysitting him when he wandered outside. The state has opened up a child protection case.

Jackson is one delivery driver that deserves a great tip!

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