Double Barrel AR-15: Made in America

Double Barrel AR-15: Made in America
Double Barrel AR-15: Made in America

Forget the old-school AR-15s; there’s a new gun in town that’s even more advanced. The Gilboa® DBR SNAKE 16, produced by Silver Shadow, boasts a new and improved double barrel and gas impingement system for more reliable, accurate shooting. This is an incredibly high-powered gun that looks impressively fun to shoot, and it seems quite a few people are already interested in picking it up. (The image above is courtesy of Silver Shadow and is the Israeli version. Our spokesperson informs us that the American version has longer barrels.)
Unfortunately, it isn’t available on the market just yet – but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do a bit of digging. We reached out to the manufacturer to learn more about this imposing-looking gun; here’s what we learned.

Key Facts

• The gun is currently being crafted by Silver Shadow, an Israeli-based company. SS already has multiple guns on the market including the Gilboa M43 762X39mm, an AK-mag based rifle.
• SS currently manufactures their guns on American soil. One of the things they told us is that American import regulations are simply too strict for them to produce guns on Israeli soil for the US market.
• The company also produces arms for the US forces. In fact, their original gun, the M43 762X39mm, was first designed and sold to the military. It was only later they started creating guns for civilians, including the pending Gilboa® DBR SNAKE 16.
• As for the new DBR Snake itself, SS told us “the first batch is already on the machines,” but isn’t ready for sale just yet. The expected availability date is in approximately four to five weeks, and you can preorder it now by getting on the waiting list.
• As for the gun itself, here’s what we know about it. It has twin 16” double barrels, ensuring that it qualifies as a regular rifle. The gun uses two separate systems, LPK, triggers, bolts, and carriers, meaning it isn’t considered an automatic or in any way illegal to buy, sell, or own.
• While probably not a gun for amateurs or newbies to shooting, watching videos of trials reveals a few interesting tidbits on how it shoots. Firstly, it’s remarkably stable. There’s recoil, but a solid, knowledgeable shooter should find it more than manageable.
• The Snake works especially well for on-the-spot shooting and split-second combat scenarios where accuracy comes down to making rapid decisions. The original creator designed it while envisioning military operations with very small windows of opportunity. It is made to deliver maximum firepower with as little time demand as possible. In high-demand combat scenarios or competitive shooting, this could be the difference between success and failure.
• Want to buy this one for yourself? We’re staying in contact with the manufacturers over the coming weeks. Once it launches, we’ll let you know and give you the details so you can take action. If you have questions, leave them in the comments – we’ll do our best to get you answers as quickly as we can.