Dove Gives $5k to New Dads

Dove Gives $5k to New Dads
Dove Gives $5k to New Dads

Paternity leave — it’s something all fathers love, but few actually have the ability to access it without enduring serious financial hardship. The reality for thousands of American fathers is that taking time off to spend with a new baby simply isn’t possible; without bringing in money, the family income becomes much too low.
Arguments about the validity of stay-at-home dads aside, one company is recognizing the struggle of fathers and taking action to resolve it, too. They’re lobbying for the U.S. to make a new standard while also giving real American dads direct funding.
Here’s the facts.

Key Facts

  • Dove’s goal is to make it  possible for all American fathers to receive paternity leave. While they don’t specify how long such funding should be received, various states and companies already provide between two weeks and one year of leave to fathers.
  • The practice of providing paternity leave is far from standardized — at least, not yet, anyway. Dove reports that just 1 in 5 American fathers have access to any kind of paternity leave. Fathers who are offered it often don’t take it, feeling obligated to keep working for financial reasons.
  • This is exactly why Dove started the Pledge for Paternity Leave and Paternity Leave Fund. The hope is that by fundraising, the company will gain the ability to put pressure on government officials and support needy fathers.
  • Why is paternity leave so needed? Ultimately, it gives families the choice to spend critical bonding time with infants, but that’s really just the beginning. It’s also about giving families the option to choose who stays home (if anyone). It’s about flexibility, changing workforces, and supporting the American family.
  • Dove plans to give out a series of grants totalling approximately $5,000 to each approved father who applies for the program. Their press release highlights the company’s commitment to the program clearly. “Working dads shouldn’t have to choose between their children and a paycheck,” it reads, “because when they take paternity leave, it benefits families, workplaces and communities.”

Know a deserving father who might benefit from Dove’s new grant? Direct them here to apply for the program. You don’t need to be a Dove employee in order to receive money, either.