Doxxed and Swatted: Conservative Account Under Fire

( – In February, Rolling Stone ran a piece on the X (then Twitter) account @Catturd2. Shortly after, a podcast dedicated to doxxing Conservatives did an expose on the user, revealing his name and other information. Since then, Phillip Buchanan, the conservative behind the account, has taken control of the narrative and spoken out about his beliefs and life. He also has a popular podcast. Recently, he experienced a scary situation that occurred while recording one of his shows.

On September 25, Jewels Jones, the co-host of Buchanan’s podcast, posted a message on X informing listeners about an incident that happened that day. She said that Buchanan “had to leave abruptly” because someone called the police and pretended to be him. The caller told 911 that they’d committed a crime and intended to harm themself.

Jones included a screenshot conversation with her co-host where he told her that he’d been “swatted.” That’s when someone calls emergency responders and tells them there’s a crime in progress, usually something deadly. The call triggers a massive armed police response, sometimes with the SWAT team.

Later that day, Buchanan posted on X and explained that he was “swatted” during his podcast. He explained the perpetrator pretended to be him and told the cops he “stabbed someone, had a gun, and was going to kill” himself.

Buchanan blamed the swatting on being “doxxed over and over by leftist outlets,” telling his followers they could “imagine how dangerous” it is when that happens. Doxxing is when a person or organization reveals personal information about someone to the public. Buchanan promised to continue speaking “truth to power.”

The Florida resident has continued posting his opinions in the days since the swatting. He has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t intend to stop any time soon. That will certainly make his millions of fans, which include former President Donald Trump, happy.

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