Dr. Fauci Claims He Will Step Down by 2025

Dr. Fauci Claims He Will Step Down by 2025

Dr. Fauci LEAVING? Here’s What He Said

(UnitedVoice.com) – In May, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN’s Jim Acosta he wouldn’t serve under former President Donald Trump if he wins a second term in 2024. In June, he told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto he planned to leave his current job no matter who is in the White House in 2025. Once again, the infectious diseases expert has reiterated his plans to leave the position after 40 years of service.

In an interview with POLITICO, Fauci said he would leave the job at the end of this administration’s term. The doctor explained political pressure wasn’t the basis for his decision but acknowledged the GOP would go after him when they attain power. He told journalist Sarah Owermohle he’d probably be there until he was 105 if he stuck around until COVID-19 was gone. The reality is the virologist believes the virus is here to stay.

Fauci’s remarks caused the media to go wild. Headline after headline announced he was retiring. On Tuesday, July 19, the doctor clarified his comments.

Fauci spoke at The Hill’s “Future of Health Care Summit” and said he was “not going to retire.” He is considering stepping down from his current position as the head of the NIAID.

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